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Baby Goats and Answered Prayers

The Devil has been working overtime in the Rioux household over the past few months. We have become overextended, overtired, and instead of working together to thrive we have been operating in pure survival mode. What happened this morning with our missing baby goat is just another illustration of the place I feel like we have been in as a family. When we couldn’t find Penny we panicked. We bickered with each other about what might have happened as we ran all over the property searching. I know it sounds crazy but I kept hearing a small voice inside of me that said to be still. As a hundred bible verses ran through my head, I went and sat in the barn and prayed a very heartfelt prayer that God would intervene in this seemingly insignificant situation. It was at that point that I had the clarity to notice something I had missed before. Mama goats always cry for their babies when they are gone and this Mama goat was not crying. I prayed again that God would help me find this missing kid and it was after that prayer that I heard a very faint cry that sounded like it was coming from behind a barn wall. I stayed quiet and listened until I could figure out that the sound was coming from a wall that had some space between the boards. Sure enough, there Penny was completely hidden yet stuck between the boards and unable to get herself out. If I hadn’t listened to that small voice this morning, we would not have found her in time…..There is a lot of noise in our lives today that the Devil is working hard to create. God wants us to slow down and take time for him so that we can hear what he has to say…. Just like that goat, we can all get in that place where it feels like a wall is separating us from God. Yet he heard my weak cry and he answered my prayer because I was finally listening. And if God can intervene in a situation that may seem as insignificant as this, he can intervene on your behalf too!







2 Dates for the Daddy Daughter Dance!

This year marks the only year the girls will be in school together as well as the only year that Chris will have 2 dates to the Daddy Daughter Dance. In honor of this special occasion the girls and I decided to do a fun 1950’s styled photo shoot in their dresses for the dance. Over the summer I purchased a very cool vintage hair dryer that I’ve been itching to use, and this proved to be the perfect occasion as I photographed the girls getting ready.

In order to make this shoot happen I needed a blank wall with a lot of light facing it. The best we could do was to utilize the mud room area of our basement where I could open french doors and shoot the girls indoors while I was outside in the frigid February weather. I’m pretty sure this was a pretty humorous sight for those who drove by and witnessed it! Other than that it was easy peasy and I was tickled to see that it showed off the relationship the girls have not only with each other but with their Dad as as he stood off to the side and made them giggle throughout. I can’t believe how fast these girls are growing up! When uploading these photos I realized how much Maizy looks like a teenager and how Lyric is losing her babyish looks. It’s a good reminder to hold onto these moments tightly, as time is flying by!


Hounds and Hot Chocolate

When I asked my almost 6 year old what kind of birthday celebration she would like to have this year she decided to combine two of her favorite things and have a simple Hounds and Hot Chocolate party with her girlfriends. The hot chocolate part she comes by honestly because the ladies in my family are pretty big sweet lovers but the hounds part was inspired by our recent basset hound adoptee named Ryman. Ryman is pretty much the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen and we love him dearly despite the fact that he’s still not potty trained at almost 5 months and he’s perpetually stinky. I think that’s a basset thing…..

Party planning for this one was very easy as we just hit the Target dollar spot after Christmas for most of our supplies. Gingerbread houses became dog houses and dog bone ornaments became doggie name tags. We filled portion cups with cereal to represent puppy food and found basset hound stuffed animals on Ebay. The girls decorated their dog houses with markers and then made dog collars for their hounds using letter beads and pipe cleaners. My husband Chris is a screen printer and made Lyric the cutest birthday design using a picture of our new puppy. We screen printed it on T-shirts and canvas bags for the party goers to take home. We also utilized our “Pioneer Woman” Charlie cookie jars and donned them in festive party hats.

The girls seemed to enjoy the hot chocolate bar that was set up with different types of marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and whipped toppings. The food was as simple as serving snack mix and veggies in doggie bowls and making cupcakes that looked like hot chocolate. Sweet G’s in Nolensville, TN also made the cutest little basset hound and hot chocolate cookies that the girls were able to take home. All in all it was a very simple and inexpensive party. I especially enjoyed Lyric’s involvement as she helped in every stage of the planning and decorating. One of the things I love so much about that kid is that she would have been content with anything we did for her birthday but she is a crafter at heart and enjoyed stretching her creative muscles. The week before her birthday I gave her a glue stick and she totally thought it was her birthday present and was happy with it. She can see a lot of potential in something as simple as a glue stick and I love that about her 🙂 Happy 6th Birthday Lyric!




The Kindergarten Blues

Well, it’s official……. My baby is going to Kindergarten. Now don’t think for a second that I am one of those overly sentimental types that keeps every memento and weeps over every milestone. In fact, I’m not sure I ever got even a little misty eyed when my first two went to school. I think I may have even celebrated a little when my overly energetic middle child(who earned the name Dennis the menace early on) traipsed off for his first day of Kindergarten. During that period I was a Momma in the trenches. I was too overwhelmed to feel anything but relief about my eldest children heading out to a more structured and stimulating environment that was not a Mommy run DayCare.

I say all that to say that sending my third and last little one off to school feels a bit different. She’s our baby. The surprise sweetie that has been doted on by her Mom, Dad, and siblings. It’s not that I love her more than the others, because that is not the case at all. But instead she holds a special place in our family because she’s the last. Sending her to kindergarten feels like the end of something. The end of diaper days and sippy cups…..and the end of problems that are easily solved with a band-aid or a hug. We are closing a chapter in our family and I can’t help but feel a little bit of sadness that those days are completely behind us. Sure it was exhausting at the time in a very physical way. But what I have observed is that the challenges of parenting become more emotionally and mentally tiring as children hit the school age years. Suddenly their problems become bigger and harder to fix and at times we parents have to just sit back and watch them grow through painful experiences while we wait on the sidelines.

When they were still little my husband and I used to say that the days would drag on but the years seemed to fly by. When they enter the school age years what I’ve noticed is that both the days and years seem to fly by in warp time. Some days feel like a race to get everything done before we have to wake up and do it all over again. It’s harder to just slow down and sit in a moment… So on Thursday when I send my spunky, smart, hard working, last little sweetie to Kindergarten, there may be some tears shed. As a family we will be turning the page on a chapter in our life that held some pretty special memories. I’m hoping to make some new extra special memories in this next chapter too as this is the only year in our family history that all three kids and I will all be at the same school. Can you imagine my commute to work?! We may be saying goodbye to some major milestones but the cool thing is that we are also saying hello to the exciting new adventures that are ahead of us!


Bathing Beauties

I’ve been wanting to do a retro inspired bathing beauties shoot for years and finally made it happen this week! As I have watched our summer dwindle down to it’s last days, I decided to throw some things together to make this shoot come into fruition. Janie and Jack is my go to place for girls swimwear as they have the cutest vintage inspired suits along with bathing caps so that was my first stop. Seriously! How cute are little girls in bathing caps?! After that I picked up some yard flamingos and a huge float off of Amazon. The finishing touch was a quick scrappy garland I made out of cut up fabrics I had on hand. Most of the fabric is from the mesh bags that Matilda Jane ships it’s clothing in. I find that those baggies come in handy for packing/traveling as well. I digress…… The goal for this shoot was that it would look vintage inspired and use a creamy color palette with soft greens, white, pinks, and yellow.  You never know exactly how things will transfer from inside your head to reality but I was pleased with the results and I think the girls had a good time too! Next summer I would love to recreate this scene for a mini shoot as it was fun and easy. Here are some of my favorites!flamingo-2flamingo-3flamingo-6flamingo-7flamingo-10flamingo-12flamingo-14flamingo-5flamingo-13flamingo-9flamingo-4flamingoflamingo-16flamingo-17flamingo-8flamingo-18flamingo-15

Preserving Your Summer Sanity

If you are anything like me and are a Momma to kids of elementary school age, summer can become somewhat of a mixed blessing. The first week after school closes you are probably saying “Halleluja” and “Good Riddance” to rigid schedules, homework check ups, and generally running around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to check all the boxes you are supposed to check. As the days turns into weeks this feeling of relief will fade as your kids start whining and bickering while you grasp at straws trying to figure out how to keep them entertained all summer long.

At that point you either become the “Over Scheduling Momma” who fills up the weeks with various camps and activities trying to keep the peace, or you have to figure out how to strike a balance between relaxation and a schedule where people don’t kill each other. I have been the parent who has over scheduled to the point that it didn’t feel like the kids/myself had any down time before starting another rigorous school year. That was the summer of  VBS….. The one where we went to every local vacation bible school to the point where we could have taught the classes. It seemed that every church within a 45 minute radius decided on the same theme that year and I still can’t get the catchy song “Journey off the map” out of my head. Believe me I have tried. I digress…….

In an effort to strike a better balance we now only do two camps per child per summer and try to plan other activities that allow them some engaging down time. In planning activities the goal is always to have them be technology free, creative, and for the most part independent from me. This is not because I don’t love my children and don’t enjoy their company but it’s because I don’t believe it’s my sole purpose in life to entertain them. They are going to learn to use their imaginations even if it’s against their will! What’s the point in having multiple kids if they can’t at least help entertain each other?!

So if you are already hitting that part of the summer where you are pulling your hair out, your house is trashed, and you can’t think of what else to do with these little people you used to think fondly upon as your children, here is a list of things that seem to work for our family.

Disclaimer: We are a quirky family and my kids may or may not be on the weird side so execute these ideas with caution. My husband did just make a gold mining sluice so we could pan for gold at whimsy so there is that…..

  1. The Lego Challenge: Give the kids a set time limit and challenge them to make an invention. All my kids have their own Lego sets and are competitive by nature so this one usually takes about half the day. That’s half a day that you can do laundry, clean, or sip a cup of coffee and read a book!
  2. The Nature Scavenger Hunt: Send your kids out with a baggie and a list to find items found in nature. If you live in a rural area you have an advantage on this one but before we lived on a farm we also used to do it in our neighborhood park. For little ones that can’t read I’ve used clip art or put them on a team with their older sibling.
  3. The Play Doh Contest: My kids can spend endless hours making Play Doh dresses for Polly Pockets, furniture for animals, or my favorite, trying to replicate Shopkins. The other variation we do often is to use Kinetic sand and bury small items in it or mold them into waves for surfing Polly Pockets.
  4. Make a video: My kids also spend a lot of time making “How To” videos as well as stop motion animation videos using their figures and things around the house. We often view them with a bucket of popcorn when they are finished.
  5. The Voice: This one works really well if you have swivel chairs in your house! Have your kids take turns debuting their talent and kindly judging others as you act out your own rendition of The Voice. This one brings a lot of laughter into the home as my kids also like to come up with fake names/personas and sing in the voice of their own quirky character. Another spin on this is to have a dance contest.
  6. Water Day: There are so ways to do this one but I say use what you have. Slip N Slides, diving for gems in blow up pool, water balloons, sprinklers, you name it! When it is hot yet you don’t want to have to put your swimsuit on at the public pool these things will buy you a couple of hours!
  7. Art Camp: One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if I make up a bogus contest my kids will buy into it every time hook, line, and sinker. This means that I can turn any art activity into a contest. Coloring, painting, crafting, you name it! Buy in is important if you want little ones to do something for a long time. That is why you have to get them excited about it. Maybe open an art exhibit where they hang pictures they have created all over the basement with painters tape. My kids also don’t seem to notice that I basically find a way to give them each a praise/win over the course of the activity.
  8. Hide and Go Seek: Another favorite is to have a person hide something like a sock monkey and then take turns finding it. I usually start this game when I need a good 30 minutes to finish something I’m working on. Simply grab the the item closest to you and say, “Hey! hide this thing and see if your brother and sister can find it”! Remember, if you sell it well, they will buy it!
  9. Cooking Contest: Obviously you have to have an older responsible child monitor this one if you are going to use the stove but it can also be done with younger kids by giving them proper boundaries. My oldest daughter watches a lot of cooking shows like “Chopped” so we like to have cooking contests and then throw in a weird ingredient to see how they can fit that in.
  10. Summer Theater: Have your kids put on a mini play where they write the script, dress the part, and perform it for the family.
  11. The Lemonade Stand: This one has been tricky since we moved out to the farm but we still figure out ways to work it in. The lemonade/sweets stand is a good way to teach your kids about entrepreneurship. They have to make the goods, use marketing, sell the product, count the cash, and then decide how they will spend/save it.
  12. Reading Time: Every day at a certain hour require some down time where your little ones have to snuggle up with a book. You can read my previous blog for book ideas!
  13. The Doll/Stuffed Animal Cafe: My girls love to create an American Girl cafe and use items from the house to make seating/decor as well as create food using clay. This could also work with stuffed animals for boys.
  14. Summer Olympics: This one is on Maizy’s list for the summer. The basic idea is to create a fun outdoor event and compete in different areas like hula hooping, bike races, etc.
  15. Camp Out: Borrow a tent, make some smore’s, and sleep out under the stars with the kids. We tried this one recently with a bunch of families on our farm. We ended up having a horrible storm that night so only a few stayed all night but I haven’t abandoned the idea for next year.
  16. Learn Something New With Your Kids: This is one that is always on the list at our house as living on a farm seems like an endless opportunity for learning new things. From taking care of animals to planting a garden and canning, there is always something that can be shared and passed on to your children.
  17. Tournament Time: I wouldn’t describe the Rioux family as an overly athletic one but we do like to have Bocce ball tournaments in the summer and have added other sports like kickball and softball as Kai’s interests have headed in that area in particular. We will often invite other family and friends over to make it more fun.
  18. Field Trips: This one probably goes without saying as many people take field trips to the zoo, library, etc……but try to think outside of the box and expand your world view a little bit. Maybe hit a museum, national park, exotic pet store. Follow your children interests and see where it takes you. I know that my girls in particular have a love for antiques like I do so we will visit a quaint little town an hour away called Bell Buckle that has been preserved in time and has many antique stores. We’ll shop all day long and then eat in the cafe ending our journey by buying dessert from the local Malt Shop.
  19. The Goodwill Hunt: I’m a lover of Goodwill as you never know what you will find there. Since my kids share my love we will often search there for treasure together. You can often find Maizy searching for vintage dishes, Lyric looking for forgotten Lalaloopsies, and Kai digging through the junk bin for Lego mini figures or Pokemon cards. We often find family games, puzzles, or projects there that we can later do together which then results in a family activity that we can engage in that evening. That’s a two for one special!
  20. The Kindness Game: Teaching kids to do things unselfishly for others is a good thing any time of year. Maybe visit an elderly neighbor who loves kids, deliver dinner to a family that is struggling in some way, or make a care package for the homeless man that sits at Kroger. Try to get your kids thinking about ways to serve others.

These are just a few ideas that will hopefully help you survive the long, hot days of summer! I also should probably mention that my kids do have chores to do over the summer months and that we try to get those things out of the way before we play. When I’ve exhausted my list and the bickering starts, I usually invite friends to come over for an activity. On the farm we often have “Popsicles on the Porch” days where friends come over to play for a few hours, pet some animals, and eat some popsicles before they go home. And who knows? During the last weeks of summer when the going gets tough, I may even sign them up for another round of VBS! I hear the theme is Submerged this year 😉



Holiday Cheer

This holiday photography season was the busiest I’ve ever experienced as I started out saying that I was only going to do a day’s worth of mini shoots and ended up shooting every weekend for 2 months straight! I had trouble saying no especially since I could shoot so easily at the farm this year.  At the time I thought I might not survive it but looking back despite some weather hurdles, one naked toddler incident(my own), and one broken finger/donkey accident, it was a lot of fun. It’s always a joy to connect with families and see how much everyone has changed and grown over the year. There were babies in spades which Maizy in particular loved. My kiddos also loved serving everyone milk and cookies when the photo shoots wrapped up. I’d say the only exception to this is when after a long day without available parents, a screaming Lyric ran out to where I was shooting in only her muck boots! The only other incident we had was when I was taking some shots of some teens with our animals in the pasture and the horse and donkey got into scuffle over grain. Burpy our donkey tried to get out of the way of Snickers and barreled into my finger which resulted in a broken pinkie… You know what they say about working with kids and animals! Overall though, it was great recording some sweet memories for some precious families. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the first two days worth of pics on my computer to save room for more and then I had a word press issue uploading some, but here are a few of my remaining favorites! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and let me take their Christmas photos!




Wildly Clothing Company

I recently shot some fall and winter photos for Wildly Company.  They are a new company that produce ethically made kid’s clothing. What is ethically made clothing you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you! It’s clothing that promotes fair labor practices while creating sustainable jobs for families. The clothing is cute, simple, and comfy. You can check them out at! Wildly is also partnering with Jonas Paul Eyewear which you can see Lyric sporting in a couple of pics. You know how this family loves their glasses! This child focused glasses company reminds me a lot of Warby Parker which sends frames straight to your door to try out. I love how simple that is. You can find them at


Pioneer Girls!

My oldest daughter, Maizy decided she wanted to have a Pioneer Girl Cooking party to celebrate her entrance into the double digits. This wasn’t a huge surprise as Maizy has been getting up at 5:30 in the morning for several years just so she can catch a couple of Pioneer Woman episodes before school each day. She’s also been making family meals for years and has become quite the chef herself!

In preparation for the big day, each girl received a recipe card in their invitation so they could share their favorites at the party. The decor was all Pioneer Woman cookware found at Walmart.  Maizy has been slowly collecting it and placed it on the tippy top of her birthday wish list. The thing I love about it is that it very much matches the colorful vintage style of our home. We even whipped up a couple of simple bunting banners to match! Sweet G’s in Nolensville also made the most adorable sugar cookies inspired by Ree’s cookware line.

As girls entered the party, they picked out a vintage apron to wear. Maizy and I have a sickness when it comes to collecting things like retro aprons so there was an abundance to choose from. We kicked off our cooking party by making mini pies in mason jar lids. We had a pie bar on our farm table full of every pie filler and ingredient you could imagine. It was fun to watch the girls get creative with their ingredients as well as their decoration of the pies.

While the pies were cooking we hit them with a blindfolded taste test full of food items like: dark chocolate, asparagus, and even pop rocks!  Then when the pies were cooling, we made the Pioneer Woman’s french bread pizzas which were delicious and very easy.

As lunch was winding down the girls all decorated plates with icing. We lined them up in our front window for judging and noticed that our oldest Great Pyr, Abel wanted to get in on the judging as well. The winner of both the plate contest and the taste test won a Pioneer Woman mug full of candies. We finished up by  singing Happy Birthday to Maizy as the girls ate their mason jar pies with ice cream. They were sooo good! I think I may have to make mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, that was how easy/tasty they were.  It was  also the perfect dessert for the event since Maizy has never been a big fan of cake. I’m not sure she’s mine……  After that the girls put their boots on and ran straight out to the pasture to hang out with the animals and play freeze tag. It was one of those parties where I hardly snapped a pic after it started because 4th grade girls are very busy! Here are a few of the pics I did take….



My Farm Girl

My experiences with kids over the years have led me to believe children come programmed with their own personalities, likes, dislikes, etc… Although we can try to persuade them in different directions as parents, the reality is that they are their own beings. Obviously the environment we grow up in is influential, but that nature part of things is huge! Case in point, my daughter Lyric. I have 3 children and although I had huge dreams about my son in particular taking to this new farm life we are living, it’s truthfully my youngest daughter that has become the farm kid.

Where my oldest daughter likes the garden and cooking, and my middle child likes rural living when it suits him, my 4 year old is the one that knows how to do everything on the farm. Lyric is the one who feeds the animals with me daily. She enjoys being outside pulling weeds, running around barefoot, and caring for all of her furry critters. When she goes out to the pasture, every animal out there runs to her because they know that this is the person that takes care of us! I so enjoy watching her stand up on boxes in the feed room to reach the feed scoops as she opens the food bins to get her job done. I love hearing her encouragingly talk to the chickens as she gently scoops them up to check for eggs. After that she carefully puts the eggs in her dress pockets and even though we often crack a few on the way, it’s so worth it to see her becoming the responsible young lady she is becoming. I don’t have tons of pasture pics of my other kids because unless Maizy is riding Snickers or Kai is chasing goats or our cat Scraps truthfully they aren’t out there all that much. But I could take pics of Lyric daily out there doing her chores. Pictures of piglets following her, ponies nuzzling her, and chickens clucking around her. I have a feeling that these are some of the memories I will hold most precious someday.