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2 Dates for the Daddy Daughter Dance!

This year marks the only year the girls will be in school together as well as the only year that Chris will have 2 dates to the Daddy Daughter Dance. In honor of this special occasion the girls and I decided to do a fun 1950’s styled photo shoot in their dresses for the dance. Over the summer I purchased a very cool vintage hair dryer that I’ve been itching to use, and this proved to be the perfect occasion as I photographed the girls getting ready.

In order to make this shoot happen I needed a blank wall with a lot of light facing it. The best we could do was to utilize the mud room area of our basement where I could open french doors and shoot the girls indoors while I was outside in the frigid February weather. I’m pretty sure this was a pretty humorous sight for those who drove by and witnessed it! Other than that it was easy peasy and I was tickled to see that it showed off the relationship the girls have not only with each other but with their Dad as as he stood off to the side and made them giggle throughout. I can’t believe how fast these girls are growing up! When uploading these photos I realized how much Maizy looks like a teenager and how Lyric is losing her babyish looks. It’s a good reminder to hold onto these moments tightly, as time is flying by!


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