Amanda Rioux Photographer

About me



I am a Mom of 3 kiddos who lives and works in the Nashville area. I enjoy singing, songwriting, party planning, decorating, crafting, photography, and farm life. I love God and try to do my best every day but often fall short. I get by with prayer, coffee, a sense of humor, and wonderful family and friends.

 About My Photography

I became interested in photography as a Mom and was encouraged to take a photo workshop by a friend. I found that I had vision but lacked the technical skills to pull off the photos I wanted. Once my eyes were opened to some of the more technical aspects of taking pictures, my love for photography really took off. I am still learning and improving on all of this technical knowledge every day and love how it is an ongoing adventure.

What Do I Like to Shoot?

I enjoy capturing special moments in my daily life with my family and farm animals as well as setting up more stylized photo shoots. I’m very lucky in that I get to pick and choose the photography projects I want to do. What interests me: nature, color, quirky people, fashion, unusual settings, antiques, and previous decades like the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. What doesn’t interest me: senior portrait ladders, khaki pants, fixed smiles, vanilla ice cream, and doing the same old thing over and over again!

What Inspires Me?

Although I do love to look at all the amazing work that professional photographers do, I don’t typically look at their pictures as a starting point for my photos. Instead I tend to find inspiration in either what is going on around me naturally or for more stylized shoots I love things like old picture books, vintage clothing, retro toys, etc. I guess you could say that my childhood has had a huge impact on what fuels me. My Mom raised us by teaching us how to make and repurpose things. Every item that we encountered at a store would then start a conversation on how we could make it ourselves or improve on it. I use this mentality on a daily basis as I take photos, redecorate, plan parties, or even clothe our kids. It’s a fun challenge to be able to put things together on a budget and I think it’s so much more personal that way. It’s also part of the reason I’m always tired. Creativity has it’s consequences and for me it’s the loss of sleep 😉