Amanda Rioux Photographer

Baby Goats and Answered Prayers

The Devil has been working overtime in the Rioux household over the past few months. We have become overextended, overtired, and instead of working together to thrive we have been operating in pure survival mode. What happened this morning with our missing baby goat is just another illustration of the place I feel like we have been in as a family. When we couldn’t find Penny we panicked. We bickered with each other about what might have happened as we ran all over the property searching. I know it sounds crazy but I kept hearing a small voice inside of me that said to be still. As a hundred bible verses ran through my head, I went and sat in the barn and prayed a very heartfelt prayer that God would intervene in this seemingly insignificant situation. It was at that point that I had the clarity to notice something I had missed before. Mama goats always cry for their babies when they are gone and this Mama goat was not crying. I prayed again that God would help me find this missing kid and it was after that prayer that I heard a very faint cry that sounded like it was coming from behind a barn wall. I stayed quiet and listened until I could figure out that the sound was coming from a wall that had some space between the boards. Sure enough, there Penny was completely hidden yet stuck between the boards and unable to get herself out. If I hadn’t listened to that small voice this morning, we would not have found her in time…..There is a lot of noise in our lives today that the Devil is working hard to create. God wants us to slow down and take time for him so that we can hear what he has to say…. Just like that goat, we can all get in that place where it feels like a wall is separating us from God. Yet he heard my weak cry and he answered my prayer because I was finally listening. And if God can intervene in a situation that may seem as insignificant as this, he can intervene on your behalf too!







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