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Bathing Beauties

I’ve been wanting to do a retro inspired bathing beauties shoot for years and finally made it happen this week! As I have watched our summer dwindle down to it’s last days, I decided to throw some things together to make this shoot come into fruition. Janie and Jack is my go to place for girls swimwear as they have the cutest vintage inspired suits along with bathing caps so that was my first stop. Seriously! How cute are little girls in bathing caps?! After that I picked up some yard flamingos and a huge float off of Amazon. The finishing touch was a quick scrappy garland I made out of cut up fabrics I had on hand. Most of the fabric is from the mesh bags that Matilda Jane ships it’s clothing in. I find that those baggies come in handy for packing/traveling as well. I digress…… The goal for this shoot was that it would look vintage inspired and use a creamy color palette with soft greens, white, pinks, and yellow.  You never know exactly how things will transfer from inside your head to reality but I was pleased with the results and I think the girls had a good time too! Next summer I would love to recreate this scene for a mini shoot as it was fun and easy. Here are some of my favorites!flamingo-2flamingo-3flamingo-6flamingo-7flamingo-10flamingo-12flamingo-14flamingo-5flamingo-13flamingo-9flamingo-4flamingoflamingo-16flamingo-17flamingo-8flamingo-18flamingo-15

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  • mandi, this is overall the most outstanding photo shoot i have ever seen.. i enjoyed all so much.. your talent is amazing!! your girls are darling and naturals with each pose.. I live in ironton and have been a member of ccc for 60 plus years.. i have not seen you since you were a child and moved to grayson.. please hug your parents for me .. i admire, love and miss them very much.. So thankful you posted your mom’s photo and birthday notice and i got to take this side trip to your page and see your lovely family for the first time.. god bless you and yours

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