Amanda Rioux Photographer

Holiday Cheer

This holiday photography season was the busiest I’ve ever experienced as I started out saying that I was only going to do a day’s worth of mini shoots and ended up shooting every weekend for 2 months straight! I had trouble saying no especially since I could shoot so easily at the farm this year.  At the time I thought I might not survive it but looking back despite some weather hurdles, one naked toddler incident(my own), and one broken finger/donkey accident, it was a lot of fun. It’s always a joy to connect with families and see how much everyone has changed and grown over the year. There were babies in spades which Maizy in particular loved. My kiddos also loved serving everyone milk and cookies when the photo shoots wrapped up. I’d say the only exception to this is when after a long day without available parents, a screaming Lyric ran out to where I was shooting in only her muck boots! The only other incident we had was when I was taking some shots of some teens with our animals in the pasture and the horse and donkey got into scuffle over grain. Burpy our donkey tried to get out of the way of Snickers and barreled into my finger which resulted in a broken pinkie… You know what they say about working with kids and animals! Overall though, it was great recording some sweet memories for some precious families. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the first two days worth of pics on my computer to save room for more and then I had a word press issue uploading some, but here are a few of my remaining favorites! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and let me take their Christmas photos!




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