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Hounds and Hot Chocolate

When I asked my almost 6 year old what kind of birthday celebration she would like to have this year she decided to combine two of her favorite things and have a simple Hounds and Hot Chocolate party with her girlfriends. The hot chocolate part she comes by honestly because the ladies in my family are pretty big sweet lovers but the hounds part was inspired by our recent basset hound adoptee named Ryman. Ryman is pretty much the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen and we love him dearly despite the fact that he’s still not potty trained at almost 5 months and he’s perpetually stinky. I think that’s a basset thing…..

Party planning for this one was very easy as we just hit the Target dollar spot after Christmas for most of our supplies. Gingerbread houses became dog houses and dog bone ornaments became doggie name tags. We filled portion cups with cereal to represent puppy food and found basset hound stuffed animals on Ebay. The girls decorated their dog houses with markers and then made dog collars for their hounds using letter beads and pipe cleaners. My husband Chris is a screen printer and made Lyric the cutest birthday design using a picture of our new puppy. We screen printed it on T-shirts and canvas bags for the party goers to take home. We also utilized our “Pioneer Woman” Charlie cookie jars and donned them in festive party hats.

The girls seemed to enjoy the hot chocolate bar that was set up with different types of marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and whipped toppings. The food was as simple as serving snack mix and veggies in doggie bowls and making cupcakes that looked like hot chocolate. Sweet G’s in Nolensville, TN also made the cutest little basset hound and hot chocolate cookies that the girls were able to take home. All in all it was a very simple and inexpensive party. I especially enjoyed Lyric’s involvement as she helped in every stage of the planning and decorating. One of the things I love so much about that kid is that she would have been content with anything we did for her birthday but she is a crafter at heart and enjoyed stretching her creative muscles. The week before her birthday I gave her a glue stick and she totally thought it was her birthday present and was happy with it. She can see a lot of potential in something as simple as a glue stick and I love that about her 🙂 Happy 6th Birthday Lyric!




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