Amanda Rioux Photographer

My Farm Girl

My experiences with kids over the years have led me to believe children come programmed with their own personalities, likes, dislikes, etc… Although we can try to persuade them in different directions as parents, the reality is that they are their own beings. Obviously the environment we grow up in is influential, but that nature part of things is huge! Case in point, my daughter Lyric. I have 3 children and although I had huge dreams about my son in particular taking to this new farm life we are living, it’s truthfully my youngest daughter that has become the farm kid.

Where my oldest daughter likes the garden and cooking, and my middle child likes rural living when it suits him, my 4 year old is the one that knows how to do everything on the farm. Lyric is the one who feeds the animals with me daily. She enjoys being outside pulling weeds, running around barefoot, and caring for all of her furry critters. When she goes out to the pasture, every animal out there runs to her because they know that this is the person that takes care of us! I so enjoy watching her stand up on boxes in the feed room to reach the feed scoops as she opens the food bins to get her job done. I love hearing her encouragingly talk to the chickens as she gently scoops them up to check for eggs. After that she carefully puts the eggs in her dress pockets and even though we often crack a few on the way, it’s so worth it to see her becoming the responsible young lady she is becoming. I don’t have tons of pasture pics of my other kids because unless Maizy is riding Snickers or Kai is chasing goats or our cat Scraps truthfully they aren’t out there all that much. But I could take pics of Lyric daily out there doing her chores. Pictures of piglets following her, ponies nuzzling her, and chickens clucking around her. I have a feeling that these are some of the memories I will hold most precious someday.



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