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Pioneer Girls!

My oldest daughter, Maizy decided she wanted to have a Pioneer Girl Cooking party to celebrate her entrance into the double digits. This wasn’t a huge surprise as Maizy has been getting up at 5:30 in the morning for several years just so she can catch a couple of Pioneer Woman episodes before school each day. She’s also been making family meals for years and has become quite the chef herself!

In preparation for the big day, each girl received a recipe card in their invitation so they could share their favorites at the party. The decor was all Pioneer Woman cookware found at Walmart.  Maizy has been slowly collecting it and placed it on the tippy top of her birthday wish list. The thing I love about it is that it very much matches the colorful vintage style of our home. We even whipped up a couple of simple bunting banners to match! Sweet G’s in Nolensville also made the most adorable sugar cookies inspired by Ree’s cookware line.

As girls entered the party, they picked out a vintage apron to wear. Maizy and I have a sickness when it comes to collecting things like retro aprons so there was an abundance to choose from. We kicked off our cooking party by making mini pies in mason jar lids. We had a pie bar on our farm table full of every pie filler and ingredient you could imagine. It was fun to watch the girls get creative with their ingredients as well as their decoration of the pies.

While the pies were cooking we hit them with a blindfolded taste test full of food items like: dark chocolate, asparagus, and even pop rocks!  Then when the pies were cooling, we made the Pioneer Woman’s french bread pizzas which were delicious and very easy.

As lunch was winding down the girls all decorated plates with icing. We lined them up in our front window for judging and noticed that our oldest Great Pyr, Abel wanted to get in on the judging as well. The winner of both the plate contest and the taste test won a Pioneer Woman mug full of candies. We finished up by  singing Happy Birthday to Maizy as the girls ate their mason jar pies with ice cream. They were sooo good! I think I may have to make mini pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving, that was how easy/tasty they were.  It was  also the perfect dessert for the event since Maizy has never been a big fan of cake. I’m not sure she’s mine……  After that the girls put their boots on and ran straight out to the pasture to hang out with the animals and play freeze tag. It was one of those parties where I hardly snapped a pic after it started because 4th grade girls are very busy! Here are a few of the pics I did take….



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