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Winter LaLaloopsy Land!

My youngest daughter has strong opinions about what she likes(and doesn’t like) and as result decided that this year she would have a “Snowflake Lalaloopsy” party for her third birthday. If you are new to the world of Lalaloopsy I should tell you that they are these wonky sort of dolls that have buttons for eyes and wear brightly colored clothes. They are sort of a cross between Tim Burton’s “Coraline” and Rainbow Bright. Snowflake happens to be the name of their winter themed doll so it wasn’t a far stretch to fashion a January party in honor of our very own little Snowflake.

What is wonderful about a winter themed party after the holidays is that you can hit up all of the after Christmas sales and pretty much get everything you need for free! I’m pretty sure If I had waited a few more days Target would have started paying people to take holiday themed item off their hands! We used $1.25 wrapping paper for our backdrop as well as other 80% off decorations from Target and buttons/yarn from Michaels for our decor. My husband refinished an old T.V. cabinet so we could feature “Snowflake” in a winter scene complete with her very own snowman made out of a sock.(Give me some ribbon, buttons, and a glue gun and I’m dangerous!) Drinks were made to look like snowmen, knitting yarn was hung from the ceiling to look like snow and pretty soon we had a nice wintry scene indoors.

We live in an area full of amazingly talented people which meant that we didn’t have to go far to get the cake made by The Bekahry ( Our birthday girl especially loved the Lalaloopsy cookies made just down the street by Sweet G’s( Lyric stared at the “Snowflake Lalaloopsy” cookie the whole morning before the party claiming it as her own! The other fantastic vendor we used was Josette, ( who makes the cutest little aprons you’ve ever seen on Etsy. When I described what I wanted, she started working immediately and within weeks I had the cutest “Snowflake” themed apron this side of Nashville. Instead of a traditional party hat I decided to make our little one a top hat to go with her themed attire.

All in all this was a very easy but fun party and our birthday girl was in heaven as we decorated hats, and ate sweet treats honoring her favorite Lalaloopsy doll!



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